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Nuru is the Japanese word which means slippery! Nuru massage is one of the sensual and sexy massages around the world. It is not a normal massage as in this masseuse uses her full body to massage the client instead of just the hands! Feeling tickled! This is a therapy in which the girls glide over your full naked body to give you massage by a special lubricant known as nuru gel! This is erotic in nature and highly celebrated around the world! There are lot of benefits of this massage that you must be excited to know! Read on to find out!

The Benefits of Nuru Massage

  1. Revitalises skin: The gel which is used for massage contains aloevera, grapefruit and thus is very beneficial for the skin. Nuru gel is an excellent skin moisturizer as it naturally contains edible seaweed oil. This gel is applied all over the body and there is no denying the fact that most of your body parts including the intimate organs are left un-moisturized in daily course of life. Getting this massage from hot and sexy girls plus lot of skin benefits is one reason which attracts the people!
  2. Relief of pain: The reason of pain in most of the areas is because of stiffness in tissues and lack of proper circulation of blood. With nuru massage your muscles release endorphins which ultimately prove to be a destroyer of pain. Why do muscles release endorphins? When you are being pampered with lovely girls then no discomfort or worldly pains should bother you! This activity in the muscles helps in making the body flexible and active.
  3. Lifts mood: The life is full of challenges and you cannot do anything to get rid of them as they will keep on popping up one after another! Many times this is the reason of increased tension and anxiety. Nuru massage therapy can give a boost to your mood as this therapy allows you to release all your tension and feel the enjoyment being provided to you. Some scientific studies also prove that it helps in healing depression.
  4. Superior level of satisfaction: We can bet that nothing in the world have ever given you this level of satisfaction and pleasure! Imagine how you will feel when a naked body is rubbing against your naked body with this sexy nude massage! Unable to imagine, right! This is something beyond your imagination! The simulation and satisfaction derived through this massage awakens your senses and intensify your enjoyment. All you have to do is to be a little sensitive towards each satisfying stroke provided to you and then feel the magic of our girls!
  5. Nuru gel works best on the damp body and therefore before beginning you are given a bath by the masseuse. This silky, smooth and gliding erotic massage also allows you to connect on the emotional front. You can explore every inch of the girl’s body using your own and this level of comfort and intimacy will give a brand new perspective of things around! Reserve the massage session now and let us know where you want! You can come to us or we can come to you! Visit us at our central london massage parlour and allow us in making you meet the newer side of you!