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As the body massage trends are becoming more common, you must be looking for the best spa centres that would provide the effective Tantra massage London. Though you can find plethora of such centres but the body massage techniques are little complex and require experience to have the claimed results.

Before you start finding the best spa centre, you must know that what actually Tantra massage is and how it affects your body.
What is Tantra massage and how it works?

Tantra massage is one of the types of full body massage but there are many misconceptions about it. This massage is normally taken as “happy ending” massage by the people which ends with sexual release. There are the people who have their body massage exactly in the same way but they call it “Tantra massage”. It is just surprising.

Actually, the massage that is given for the sexual pleasure is known as “erotic massage”, and the “Tantra massage” encompasses a different experience. It is associated with spiritual awakening. Tantra massage is the meeting of yin and yang; actually, not only meeting, both get joined in the way that it their separation becomes really difficult. In the Tantra, opposites are combined to dance together. This union or combination can be obtained through touch, senses, bodily from or through the energy flow.

Moreover, the main difference between the Tantra massage and the standard massage is that the latter one focuses only on one type of energy which is yin energy (energy of relaxation). On the contrary, in Tantra massage, both yin and yang are combined; yin for relaxation and yang for sensual stimulation. As Tantra massage is associated with energy, it is not necessary to touch the private parts of the person. Both the energies can be generated and stimulated through the spine. Also, you can attain orgasmic experience, but do remember that it is not an essential part of the Tantra massage.

Guidelines for finding a suitable tantra practitioner

With so many spa centres dealing in sensual Tantric massage London, it becomes little difficult to choose the suitable one. Here, we are giving some tips that will guide you for making selection:
• Ask the therapists that how much experience they have in giving tantric massages.
• Before having a massage, make sure that what type of massage they are giving. You can ask them clearly that is it necessary to have an orgasm. If they “yes”, then it is not a Tantra massage but if they say they will help you to settle down the sexual energy by letting it flow to the whole body, then you can go for it.
• It is not necessary to get Tantra massage from the opposite gender. If you are a woman then you can also receive this massage from another woman. Rest it depends on your wish that from whom you want to receive massage.
• Look for someone professional who do all this heartily and happily, only then it will deliver you the desired results.